Blippi: Things That Go! por Thea Feldman

Blippi: Things That Go! por Thea Feldman

Titulo del libro: Blippi: Things That Go!

Autor: Thea Feldman

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Thea Feldman con Blippi: Things That Go!

Reseña del editor From all the equipment on a fire truck to the wings and wheels of a seaplane and more, there’s so much to discover with YouTube sensation Blippi! Simple text that sounds like Blippi is speaking directly to readers and full-color photos of him reacting with joy to everything he sees convey all the enthusiasm and energy of his highly viewed YouTube videos. Like the lyrics to his theme song say: “So much to learn about, it’ll make you want to shout: Blippi!” Biografía del autor Thea Feldman, a writer and editor based in New York City, has written more than 250 books for children. She has worked with numerous children's book publishers, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Her cat, Rose, loves to sleep on anything Thea has written.